Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've had one of my longest (as in time wise!) friends come from interstate & stay over the weekend. It was priceless to have a second pair of arms to hold a whingy baby, help sort out some of our possessions, be a listening ear, and generally take my mind of my to do list for a bit. And she also helped me celebrate my birthday, yay!

I love birthdays. And their made even better when they drag on for more than a day!  It's looking like a birthday week for me this year and I've been to one of my most happy places not once, but twice - Max Brenner.
It is seriously one place I am going to miss when we move. I mean chocolate is one thing, but the overall experience of 'Maxy's' is what makes it a happy place for me. The interior design, branding, the smell when you walk in, the dark rich vibe & quirky presentation of food ("hug mug" anyone?) - A little bit of heaven I tell ya!
It's definitely making my moving to-do list a little more bearable though! I think I'll need to go at least one more time...or two...


  1. I'm there for you when you feel the urge to go again! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jordan! Big hugs x

  3. Ohh yummy! We have one in Canberra too! Happy Birthday xx


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