Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Okay I don't say this very often, but..."Oh my goodness, I love this party!"
I recently designed a new "Princess" collection for Maddie of Etta Photography. Her daughter Ella was turning 3 and wanted a pink princess party (don't all 3yr old girls?!) I have to say, not being tizzy girl myself, and being a mum of a little boy, I haven't had much to do with tutus and frills. But this party has changed my mind about how a princess party can look. Princesses are to girls are what trucks are to boys; it seems to be just built within them!

Maddie used a lot of pink which is kind of a given, but by using brown paper and some pretty home made touches it's still so very girly with no tulle in sight! It's a party any little girl would dream of. (And it kind of helps to have a mum who is an extremely talented photographer too!). Check out some of the photos Maddie sent me...
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I love the tall paper party hats for decorating by the little guests, and all the cute food. (Thanks for making my printables look so good Maddie!) You can read and see more of this gorgeous party in her post here.

I'll be adding this collection to my shop soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to email me with your enquiries!
{All Images: Etta Photography}


  1. I'm amazed! It's truly wonderful! I want to make a party like this one for my little girl when she's 3!! Great work!!

  2. I know, it looks gorgeous doesn't it? All credit to Maddie for this though - all her vision and execution! : )


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