Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm hoping to ask a favour of you today...I'm up for the top 25 party planning mum's on Circle of Mum's at the moment, and you can vote for me! Would you mind? You don't have to register, just one quick click via the link HERE. Just scroll until you see my button (aiming to move it higher up the list!)

You can vote once a day till April 11th. I'd love to have your vote.
There are a couple other Aussie girls in the running for the title too, so make sure you share the love! Thank you! - Jordan x

P.S. Are you ready for Easter? This week is the week for Easter printables - I love them!!


  1. If you also press Control F on the voting page and type in Polkadot Prints people will find you in a second!


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