Monday, March 14, 2011


Missed me? I collapsed on Saturday afternoon after a big week that culminated in an even bigger day at Mathilda's Markets here in Brisbane. This is the third time I have done these markets, and while I love them, and so enjoy getting out and is exhausting! My normally 'tucked-up in front of the computer' feet, have to actually stand and walk me around all day...poor things!
I had a lot of product to get ready, printing, packaging, and even a few new things that will be in my store soon! It was fun! A big thank you to those who came and said hello!
(new packaging available soon)
One thing I find the hardest about markets, is the display - making sure I have enough of the cute, inspiration factor, and also enough room for the actual product. It takes me ages to decide (and stick to!) a certain display. This time round, I just stuck to a style-up I'd done before, taking out one less thing to organise. I've often thought there needs to be a central 'market display inspiration website or something. One place that is a gem, is the Finders Keepers gallery. If you know of any others or even have a set-up of your own, maybe you could share in the comments, I'd love to know about it.

And, after searching far and wide for the perfect stationery display, I ended up making my own. I'll run you through a little DIY tomorrow. But for to care for these little pegs of mine!


  1. I really like your designs, did you make the boxes? how did you manage to make them look so good? I have just started decorating boxes for my handmade cards, but i have found its quite hard to decorate them well without spending literally hours on them.

  2. Thanks Sherrie! The boxes I designed, then had printed and die cut. I hope that helps! x


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