Friday, October 1, 2010

Behind the Scenes :: 7 Random Things...

I have forgone any pretty packaging for this Friday and it's time to take a little peek behind the scenes! I hope you don't mind me sharing some things about me...You see I was passed the Kreativ Blogger Meme from the very gifted Tracey from Tracey Lau Art & Soul and so I have to share 7 random things about me. Here goes: 

1. I believe baking is therapeutic and love to hang out with good company over food of any kind. 

2. Growing up I always said I would have to live 10 lives to accomplish all the careers I wanted to try - dr, chef, florist, midwife, air hostess, OT, full time arty person...and the list goes on. After pursuing many jobs after high school, I eventually decided on graphic design which took me to uni, something I never thought I would do. I'm so glad I did. I LOVE it!! 

3. I can visit Officeworks just for a browse. I love stationery Kikki K is definately a favourite!

4. I lived in Uganda, Africa with my husband  in 2007. We were working for an aid organisation where I helped to set up a marketing team and some communication strategies. My husband, Dave worked in the construction of villages for orphaned children. This was one of the best years of our lives and we would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose!

5. Last week my husband didn't buy me flowers...he didn't buy me chocolates...he bought me...a design magazine! I was so impressed. It gave me the biggest warm fuzzies to be known like that! Curling up reading an inspiring magazine is my fave!

6. I am one of nine children. I have two older brothers, one younger, and 5 younger sisters. It is definately fun times when we all get together. I could hang out with my family any day of the week! If I can create the same atmosphere and vibe in my own home with my own children, that my parents did for us, I will count myself successful!

7. I love Max Brenner, and believe I have happily converted many friends! Yummmmmm!!!!!

I shall now pass this onto the following beautiful bloggers
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I was also completely chuffed to be interviewed on My Little Jedi this week. You can read more about me & Polkadot Prints in an interview Vesna did there. If you're tired of me talking about myself (seriously, zip it already, Jordan!)...feel free to check out these fun things I came across this week!...

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  1. Gorgeous photo of you and Levi :)

  2. So lovely to read more about you Jordan. What a thoughtful husband you have.
    Thank you for the tag too.x

  3. I loved learning more about you lovely its been so lovely getting to know you. You are one talented and inspirational mummy! I absolutely adore your work! xx

  4. So lovely to see and hear more about you Jordan! Kikki K, Max Brennar - I am there with you! Leanne xx

  5. Love this post!:) Love hearing more about my awesome sister! xo
    PS.youforgot about the younger brother :)

  6. Love finding out more about you and your life experiences :) I too love Kikki K and reading an inspirational mag. xx

  7. Love every bit of your blog.
    You've always been an inspiration.

  8. ooh i just found this, thanks for tagging me sweet ! i will do this as soon as i get a chance xx

  9. hunting for something i saw on your blog and came across this post i had missed! woops! thanks for the tag. Sorry I didn't do it!!! xx Loving the long hair btw - so hot right now.


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