Monday, October 18, 2010

Babushka Doll Cookies

When I came across this Babushka Cookie tutorial from Bubble And Sweet, I automatically thought they would be a perfect match for my Aimee invite collection. Cute hey? A little bit of fondant and some cute cutters and you can have yourself some gorgeous party favours for your guests to take home! 
I've tried my hand at decorated biscuits a couple of times, I'm definately not a pro, but I do love how you can use them to build on a party theme. Someone here in Australia who has mastered this art is Hello Naomi. She makes amazing cakes and cookies like this....
...and uses them to build amazing dessert tables. I am in awe! Make sure you check out her blog & flickr stream, for more of her creations.
Are you are a big fan of cookies for your parties? Have you given them a go yourself?


  1. I'm in love with Naomi's cookies and sweet tables!

  2. I love these designs. Soo cute! I bet if i tried them they wouldnt look that good. Very original and Kitch x

  3. I saw the perfect book at borders today... going to go find the title - it was all about decorating biscuits - book depository here I come.. might stash it for christmas


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