Thursday, September 16, 2010

Short & Sweet with a new website on the side!

It's a little bit short and sweet with posts of late...sorry my peeps. I am in the throws of finalising & photographing a new children's party design. And....drum roll....a new website!!! Yew!! I'm so excited! Finally I will be able to have all my designs and categories available in the one place - baby showers, birth announcements, kids & adult parties as well as seasonal invites and paper goods. I can't wait! 
Want to see the new girl party design that has been stealing all my attention? 

I really think this is a sweet one. So light and fresh ready for summer. But why restrict it to the little girls...with those 'mummy' & 'baby' babushka dolls it would be a perfect baby shower theme don't you think? I'll have it up in the store soon, I just wanted to justify my's going to be worth it!


So great to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'll always answer your questions so please check back for a reply! xo

P.S I had to put the verification back on as spam was well...spamming me! : )