Friday, September 24, 2010

Party Favour Friday :: More & More S'Mores

I know s'mores aren't really an Australian tradition, but having had them a few times in my childhood, thanks to some American friends, I can say I am a big fan - It's a sugar hit on a stick!
So today being all about are a couple of creative ways of packing up s'mores for your guests!
A fun wedding favour created by Oh Happy Day for guests to enjoy around the fire after the bride & groom have left.
And little bit of clever packaging makes these simple ingredients look so stylish. Source Twig & Thistle

Before I start craving marshmallows, let me give you a few goodies for this weeks 'Weekend Whip Around':

:: What a simple and fun birthday tradition for your kids
:: Would love to see the behind the scenes of a stop motion promo like this video
:: Hello Good Looking. Did you think to pray? My favourite Etsy store of the week
:: And after my care bear post this week, my sister told me about these life sized care bears...funny! Would you ever wear one??

On that note...have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What do you put in a smore and how do you cook it??

  2. It's really hard to find anything that is comparable to Graham crackers. Very challenging and frustrating! Whenever I (or friends or family) travel to the USA, I bring some home, but haven't found anywhere to purchase them in Australia. What do you use instead of Graham crackers for your s'mores???

  3. Cathy, you can see a little how-to here:

    Rach, I know there is nothing exactly the same as Graham crackers here in Aus. I have used Digestive biscuits before (a little bit thick!), or another time I found some thin biscuits at IKEA...if you have any other finds, let us know! :)

  4. Wow - I'm off to Ikea this week to search for the biccies you've recommended. THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIP!!! :-)


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