Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Cakes - Old school or fancy

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! Phew a big weekend and I have hit the ground running with orders and enquiries! (Yay!) I am feeling a little half baked at the moment...everything has been started but nothing is quite finished! 
Image Source: Australian Women's Weekly
We are building up for a little 2yr old's birthday party at our place. Just when I thought I had a theme decided upon...I keep changing my mind. I looked to my classic Women's Weekly Children's birthday cake book for some inspiration over the weekend. And I was completely surprised how 'into it' Levi was! I was totally thrilled because I remember how much as kids my siblings and I would plan months (& years!) ahead for our birthday cakes. And now...the tradition lives on!
Image source: Betty Crocker
I love my cookbooks, but I stumbled across this video & image resource from Betty Crocker, for making your own cakes at home. They make it look so easy too! 
I see many absolutely sensational cakes all over the web and while I'm a bit of a homemade cake kinda girl myself, I realise many choose the professional cake road. What are your cake traditions for your family? professional or homemade? Am I the only one who pours over the Women's weekly cake book?? :)

Oh, and planes are on the menu for Levi! Hmmmm...


  1. I always make the cakes at home. I think it is fun and my kids love to pick out the cake they want. My son had me make a cheeseburger cake for him this year and it was a big hit. Now I am getting ready for my girls birthday. One is turning 13 and the other 2 on the same day. Not sure what to make yet.

  2. We are definitely homemade cake people - my mum has had it as a long tradition (actually my husbands mum as well). We both remember pouring through the old women's weekly cookbook when we were younger - choosing a cake and theme. I just need to say that the old women's weekly cookbook is still by far the best of all of them so if you can get your hands on a copy of that one it is great. I must admit we sometimes end up with a combo of a few. My husband is the cake decorator in our family - a bit more of a cake perfectionist than me (although he does find the process frustrating as well!). The last birthday we had we did buy the inside cake part of the cake for the first time (Sara Lee slab cake from the factory outlet shop). I never thought I would do it but it was a great time saver and tasted great.

    Hope your 2 year has a lovely party! Lou.

  3. I am such an old school womans weekly birthday cake book girl too!!! I paid a fortune for my copy from Ebay cause my mum 'got rid of her copy when she moved!'.
    I am with Lou on the inside part of the cake, I order slabs from Woolworths then cut the shape and do the decorating!

  4. I have a copy of each book also! The only is by far the best, but maybe that is because of the the memories associated with each picture!

    Those farm cupcakes are exactly what I am hoping to replicate for our farm party in 10 days time! I had flagged the site about a month ago.

  5. My absolutely favourite ever cake was the dressing table from the old school WW birthday cake cookbook - I still love it and hope to make it for my daughter when she's older - I'm a homemade cake girl :)

  6. Ahhhh, these are the wonderful traditions that many people have lost over the years, so it's very comforting and refreshing to know they live on in so many families' lives. I'm very much a do-it-yourself gal...the details in life give me much pleasure and my children (and I!) adore pouring over the pages, marking their favourite cakes with post-its and planning for the "such-and-such" party and cake they'll have one day. They'll still be having themed birthday parties when they're 57, the way they're both going!!!

    Thanks for sharing, ladies - good to know WW (and the like) is still going strong in so many households around Australia (and even the globe!). :-)

  7. So glad to see I'm not alone! Maybe I like homemade just because I *can't* do the fancy!! :)
    Thanks so much for your sharing your families traditions, it's so lovely to hear how we all celebrate our one special birthday - traditions are what makes our families don't you think. xo

    And may my own copy of WW Children's Cake Book #1 get loose and sticky just like my mum's!


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