Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CELEBRATE FAMILY :: Family Farewell Inspiration & Mood Board

My parents are moving interstate and leaving all us children to 'fend for ourselves'!!...I'm sure it's meant to be the other way around isn't it??...
It really is an exciting move for them, and we are having a family farewell in a couple of weekends time to celebrate. With 17 adults and 12 children in the immediate fam (yes, I am one of 9 children!), it's a challenge to feed everyone without blowing a years' wages in one sitting! 

We wanted to make it a little more special than a regular family get together, but not a huge fancy affair as we will still be seeing them a lot. Just a marker really to a new chapter of our families' life.  
Here's a little mood board I did up for the occasion: 
What's on the menu? - Think winter-y soups, crusty breads, delish puddings and of course lots of laughs and people!
So looking forward to it...but then again...*sniff*... 

Image sources: Tablescape, Bread, Rustic table, Pudding, Favour Bags 


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