Monday, May 3, 2010

FREELANCE DESIGN :: Bequest Brochure

While I wish I could spend all day designing party stationery (and have many a theme planned & sketched out waiting for time to design!) I am moonlighting to juggle my freelance design work and print orders & design. 
I’ve had a really busy couple of months, but I had a lovely warm fuzzy moment when I received a completed job in the mail from one of my clients that we had worked long and hard over. 
I wish you could touch it…the paper feels so nice and earthy! It makes it look even better than the digital version we’ve all been staring at for the past month or so. It's nice to step back from the computer screen and hold something tangible, smooth, & uncoated - I love paper!
Having said all that about busy, I have actually got some new designs to share with you this week! Here's to long weekends & getting lots done!!
Also, you may have noticed I've added some easy to navigate buttons on the sidebar here on my blog? Hoping that makes things a little easier to find!  

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