Wednesday, April 7, 2010

REAL LIFE :: Preparing for the Markets

This is what my desk looks like today...I'm not even showing you my kitchen, washing pile, my bathrooms & the rest of my house!

I'm in full swing getting ready for these markets on the weekend. I've only had two weeks to get things sorted. So it's been a crazy time of printing, packaging, planning, decorating, and it looks like it will be like this for the rest of the week! 
When I paced out the space I would have on the day, it's less than I thought. So the two dessert tables I had planned in my mind and on paper is down to just the one (sniff!). So it's back to the drawing board with my stall layout and how it's going to have the most impact.

I am telling myself "it's just your first one", and not to get too crazy about it all...sometimes being a bit on the perfectionist side is not a good thing! 


  1. Good luck Jordan - sounds like a big week - hope it is a huge success and I look forward to seeing the pretty pictures of your stall. Leanne xx

  2. I hear you!! You can always go up! I saw a fabulous old medicine chest used for stacking cards etc at a market the other day and a custom built card stand that was painted white and the display was very effective!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Ros, do you have photos?? :)


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