Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NEW DESIGN :: Everyday Invitation Range LAUNCH

Well do I have some good news today! I have a new range of prints for everyday use. (It's not called the 'Everday Range' for nothing!!)
I introduce to you the fill in-able invitation series! Four of my most popular designs are here to launch this range with more designs to come!
They ship in packs of 10, so great for the smaller event, and with you doing the work of filling in the details, they are a more economical version of the 'Personalised' range.
So in a nutshell, some classy designs at a better price!
Personalised prints (with all your details professionally printed) are still available as normal! 

To celebrate the launch of this range, I will be hosting my first ever giveaway of Polkadot accessories for your next party. Come back tomorrow for all the details...can't wait!!
Check out the new range with matching accessories, in my shop


  1. Eu adoro SEUS Trabalhos, São maravilhosos ...

  2. Fantastic Jordan - I was checking out your shop last night (mind is ticking for Indi's party) and noticed them there!! They are lovely - can't wait for your giveaway!!! Leanne xx


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