Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The (Gingerbread) House that Jordan built

(The finished house ready to get demolished)
(Rolling the dough between baking paper is the easiest way of transferring the large shapes between bench and tray)
(The real builder at work - if only all things could be glued back together with icing!)

Actually, I didn’t build our gingerbread house all on my own - it was definitely a team effort. In this ‘in-between week’, I find myself thinking back to Christmas, a day that just flew by after weeks of anticipation.

This new gingerbread house tradition of ours is now part of that build up to Christmas. This year, it was a two-day event with the ‘frame’ being put up by my husband and requiring time to set before roof installing and decorating happened. (He’s a tradey and was appalled at how my shapes didn’t line up. He has suggested trimming, levelling and making things more ‘square’ next year – we take this giant cookie thing seriously!). With the construction done, I was busting to do the actual lolly-sticking-on part. A lot of royal icing and exploded piping bags later – our house was done!

We cart this big house around on Christmas day to both our families, trying to get rid of it. (The fun really is in the making).

This year it seems to be lingering…anyone for a coffee??

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