Friday, February 14, 2014


 photo 140214_LoveIsWallPrint_zps2236d870.jpg
I'm planning to have our annual Valentines day dinner tonight, still a little up in the air on final menu and fun bits and pieces (you might remember our dinner on the floor & marshmallow slice from last year).

I didn't want to leave you without some love today, so I have designed something special for you. Because really, I love you - my readers, my customers, my design much love for your business and support!

This wall print is free for you to download, print & frame right here. It is an A3 dimensions, but can be shrunk to fit your preferred size. 

I hope you enjoy and it reminds you, even when it's not Valentines day, that love endures through all circumstances...don't we need reminding of that one sometimes.

Happy Valentines Day! : )

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