Friday, August 9, 2013


When I first moved here, I wondered to Dave why people even bothered buying summer clothes since the summer was literally only a couple of months long. However, after living through six months of winter and snow, I now understand why! People embrace summer like I have never seen before (and I come from sunny Queensland!). But, I think that's probably why. When you don't have something, you are more grateful when what you have been wishing for, actually comes along. (true of life in general wouldn't you say?!)

Summer here in Edmonton is full on. Life is a-buzz with activity, people making 'summer plans', going camping, staying up late enjoying the long days (it doesn't get completely dark till 11pm in the height of summer). I love it and I have gotten so caught up in no school fact, aside from my regular night owl freelancing, I am not running on any schedule at all. Very unlike me! : )

I've been getting truly into the summer spirit which has meant less computer time (thank you to you lovely peeps who still pop in hoping I have updated something inspiring!), today is the day for a massive update. Of the personal variety though, I hope you'll indulge me...more pretty creativity to come soon!
Summer Loving Summer Loving
We enjoyed the Taste of Edmonton (twice!) - great tunes, great food, great vibe! Summer Loving Summer Loving Summer Loving
We spent three days camping at Long Lake, Alberta. Yes, there was a bear warning out which makes for interesting walks to the toilets at night!Summer Loving
We went raspberry picking just last week. I'm hoping to head back while the berries are well and truly ripe for the picking!


  1. hi Jordan, we used to live in chicago where the winter is for 8 months and i used to wait for summer ...thinking how grest it would be to go out in a t shirt and flip on rather than 3 layer of dressing and boots :) happy summer ~!

  2. Oh I can totally relate Mathana! It's amazing how quickly you do forget all the snow & cold when it's hot out too : )


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