Thursday, September 22, 2011


I made confetti for a project I'm working on for tomorrow. Not rocket science by any stretch of the imaination, just tissue paper and a 1" punch, but it just looks so pretty and feels so soft and float-y. I love it (except when sprinkled all over the carpet on the floor in a nameless childs' bedroom!).
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I can see more tissue paper confetti in my near future. Think one or two colours to match a the mail...on the dinner I love it!


  1. Great minds think alike :-) I did a post on fabric confetti today xx

  2. How sweet. I always love the look of confetti (especially sugar confetti). If your doing more make sure to contact Daneve she sometimes has scrap tissue paper left over looking for a good home

  3. haha! Nameless child :D Made me laugh! Happy cleaning! Looks so festive...great idea.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  4. Perfect colors! :) I am in love. Just blogged one image in my inspirational blog post about confetti. Hope you like it! :)

    Find the blog post here:


  5. I stumbled upon your wonderful blog post about creating tissue paper Christmas decorations, and I must say your tutorial is both creative and inspiring!

  6. It's fantastic to see such a fun and engaging DIY project that adds a special touch to the holiday season.

  7. A vibrant read on TISSUE PAPER CONFETTI! Your blog adds a burst of creativity to celebrations. While exploring artistic expressions, why not add a splash of language diversity with the '|'? Here's to colorful confetti crafts and a multilingual journey ahead!


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