Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ode to the Macaron!

Melbourne was lovely...albeit a little bit on the chilly side! I had a wonderful time. I browsed the streets doing a lot of window shopping, searching for some unique finds, gaining some fresh creative inspiration. It was so perfect! It has sparked some great ideas...(more to come in the coming weeks!) One of the event-orientated highlights was trying a French macaron!
I had heard about The Cupcake Family and so made it my mission to pop in and try one of their colourful macaron treats. I have loved the look of these cute little guys for a long time, they are made in the most scrumptious looking colours and flavours. I have even had the ingredients to make them in my pantry for a couple of months. I can now finally say I've had one! A truly sweet treat! Crispy but soft and oh so sugary!! I love  you oh, macaron...you have a lot of design potential!

It has inspired me to get around to baking them some day sooner rather than later! I hear a great recipe is this one...Have you tried baking Macarons? Any tips for a first timer?

And in other news...don't forget there are only two days left of my the Everyday Prints Sale!! Be quick!! 

Macaron Stack - Image source unknown, Macaron Towers


  1. Age the egg white for three days in a semi-covered s/s bowl; also, after you pipe the mixture onto the trays, leave them for an hour or so to 'crust up' before you pop them in the oven; and finally, after they come out of the oven, leave them for half an hour or so to cool. Other than that, they're as easy as pie to make. Enjoy!


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