Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lauren's 1st Birthday & Dedication

This past weekend, we celebrated with our very close friends as their daughter was dedicated and turned one! Liz is one talented, creative mama and planned a truly gorgeous party! 
I had the privelege of designing some custom spinning top party dots (say that 10 times fast!), which fit her old school vintage theme. Liz baked and made everything else herself including an impressive 30metres of cute, blue, pink, cherry & white fabric bunting! The outdoor marquee looked gorgeous with a number of food tables, including a low child-height table with paper party hats for the little guests. 
(The birthday girls' cute red shoes!)
It was such a lovely morning! 
More sugar than my little guy probably needed to consume in one sitting...but hey, what are parties for?! :)


  1. I love this party! and I am partial to that name as it is my daughters too!

  2. Thanks Jords. Wow, I love what you've done with the photos too!! You did such a great job on the party dots!

  3. It was a beautiful party - Liz did such an amazing job. A very talented lady! Your spinning top party dots totally rocked too Jords!

    What a wonderful way to celebrate such a precious little girl.

    Shell xxxx

  4. Yeah - Liz did a beautiful job - oh so talented!!! Her effort was a testament to the precious MIRACLE that Lauren is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, it's official Jordan - you're awesome and so is Liz! Bless you both and Happy Birthday beautiful Lauren xxoo

  6. So very Cute!! The cupcakes look yummy!


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