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Welcome to Polkadot Prints, a blog about living creatively, crafting up parties & making moments count in life. It is authored by Australian Graphic Designer, Jordan Bariesheff. You'll find lots of DIY projects, inspiration, free designs for downloading & using for your own family, as well as some insight into her life and family. Polkadot Prints is also a shop selling handmade party goods & stationery. You can find the shop here.

A little more about the girl behind the blog?

:: I am wife to one awesome man, and mum to two small children.

:: I am Australian, married to a Canadian which has meant we moved our young family to Canada in 2012. We're excited about the future here, but for me Australia will always be 'home'.

:: My degree in graphic design and our heart for the poor has taken us to live in Africa pre-children. A crazy, dusty, adventurous place which we'd love to take the kids to one day.

:: Creativity has been with me since I was small. I would hire out 'The Lettering Book' from the library back to back when I was in primary school. And I can thank my mum for introducing me to a needle and thread and a sewing machine. My current art supplies and props are bursting from it's boxes and spilling forth around the house.

:: My designs and ideas are inspired by everything in my world. I see potential colour palettes and party themes in fashion, homewares, outdoors, magazines and while singing in the shower.

:: Creativity is in me because I have been created by an amazing God. I hate to think where I would be without a real and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

I hope you enjoy a wander through the pages here. I'm always up for a chat or answering a question, so feel free to be in touch - jordan{at}polkadotprints.com.au!

Talk soon,
Jordan x

P.S. No matter where I live, I will always be Australian so if you think the spelling or language here is a little bit off, I still talk & spell the Australian way!

Image // by Etta Photography