Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have been designing for a lot of Minted challenges over the past few months. The most recent was a birth announcement challenge, that I really hope I have a few designs selected for.

These are the designs I have submitted and would love your vote if you're able.

Birth Announcment Designs for Minted | by Jordan of Polkadot Prints

I know they aren't so clear all ganged up together like this, but to help curb copyright, it has to be this way I'm afraid. To check them out individually and vote click on these links -

Baby Shield | Tricycle Weave | Hunter | Furry Fox (my fave!) | Hello Sailor | Aztec Rose | Avalon

Thanks so much friends!

P.S. I found out recently that you actually have to vote for at least 50 designs for your votes to be taken into account, I guess it makes things all fair for everyone, so make sure your make your vote count and vote for other designs too!


  1. I really love the Furry Fox and the Tricycle Weave :) Lovely designs!

  2. Thanks so much Nicole, those are probably my faves too! : )


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