Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Spring is here | Polkadot Prints photo We've had a long weekend here this weekend. It marks the beginning of camping season apparently. And I'm told the chances of snow from here on out are reduced heaps. (A friend told me that the only month of guaranteed, no snow, is July...yikes! : ) So fingers crossed, this lovely weather will be sticking around!

We brought our bikes over here, so we dusted those off last week and have been riding most days since it's been nice out. Having the wind in your hair (err...helmet) and sun on your body, just brings a smile to my face. Love it, love it, love it!

I've also been envying all those attending the NSS this week. I've been ogling at all the booth displays in my instagram feed (@polkadotprints). So inspiring. I dream of one day having my own stationery & party line! Wouldn't that be fun. : )

I'm also working on projects for Christmas (ahhh yes, it is only May...crazy!) so lots of ideas needing to be put down on paper and designed this week. Happy week to you! xo
Spring is here | Polkadot Prints photo Spring is here | Polkadot Prints photo Spring is here | Polkadot Prints photo
P.S I just had to include these two pics. Ahhh my little her!


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