Monday, May 13, 2013


Mothers Day 2013 photo MothersDay_zps731dcf17.jpg
These guys make me a mum. I love them so much.

I always try and mother with the vision of seeing my two gorgeous kids grow in character more than anything else. I love them, but sometimes I just don't do as well as I'd like. Just this week we had a showdown over making a bed before school in the morning, a toddler tantrum over a water bottle, and a day that just needed to end at 3.30pm. But, that all turns out inignificant when this morning Dave told me while gift shopping yesterday, Levi wanted to buy me "a beautiful dress". How sweet is that? Seriously that kid takes me from the pulling my hair out, to getting all lovey dovey.

I'm so aware that this motherhood thing is like a roller coaster ride with it's ups and downs. But I'm also aware that I am not riding this puppy on my own, but there is a train full of women...screaming right along with me! You encourage in all areas of my life, you advise, you tell me that 'that is normal'. Thank you my friends. I couldn't do this thing alone.

Happy mothers day friends xo


  1. You HAVE to read Ann Voskamp's post on not being a Halmark Mother! (one thousand gift author). Soooooo very applicable. xx I had the toddler tantrums in our house last week. I will blame the travelling husband :-(


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