Thursday, March 21, 2013


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For the past few months I've been pondering this here blog. (A delayed new years resolution kind a thing I think). I keep wondering how I want it to look this time next year. How I want to grow it, what my focus should be. Lots going on upstairs, but not necessarily all productive, lets say that!
I needed new business cards, but while I continue to deliberate I didn't want an expensive temporary option, so I decided I would make my own. As you do. It's always nice to delve into my box of supplies and make something tangible instead of sending a digital file off to a printer.

I used:
Letterpress weight business cards
Label paper wrap-around design
Cotton string

It was pretty easy to create a handful of them while having some down time with Levi. And if you ordered the Easter bags, you'll have one of them in your pack of goodness!

Speaking of Easter bags, I've had some requests for printable versions of the design. Is this something you would be interested in?
 photo 130310_BusinessCards4_zps0acb06d6.png  photo 130310_BusinessCards3_zps6861044b.png  photo 130310_BusinessCards1_zpsddd0184c.png


  1. The bit of string tied through is such a cute touch! you've got me thinking...

  2. This is so cute. I really appreciate your idea of making own cards. This will help to lot of people in making their own card so lovely and attractive. Thanks for sharing your helpful idea.

  3. Your business cards look adorable. You have shown your creative side through doing these, Jordan. Your customers will surely appreciate you and your skills because you've rendered some personal touches in your business cards. And with that, people will notice how you truly love your craft. Good job!

  4. Thanks so much Retta! It's nice to do something so ''hands-on" instead of sending off to print sometimes! Glad you liked them : )


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