Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I know that there are 528 steps from the dome to the top look out of the St Pauls cathedral, that William Shakespeare lived in an day when they discovered chocolate was an aphrodisiac, that the breakwall surrounding The Palm in Dubai will withstand a 4m wave...
I'm a geek tourist who will actually read the brochure at a tourist attraction. Human interest facts are my favourite. I like to know all the facts about a place, the where, why, & how.

Edmonton had a 'free attractions' day over the weekend and we took advantage, and ended up at the museum. In my usual style, I read a lot of the plaques, particularly when it came to the National History hall about the Native Americans. So fascinating to read up on history and the story of this country that really I know nothing about.
Royal Albert Museum Royal Albert Museum Royal Albert Museum
I loved how decorative and beautiful all their native dress and homewares were. Even when living 'simply' by todays standards, they made everything in their tipi's (oh yes, not teepee...I read that too), look beautiful for beauties sake. From their feathered head-dress,  moccasins, & painted tipi's, to saddles & quivers, they added pattern and colour to everything. I love that.

Not to water it down, but it kind of encouraged me in the passions I have for making everyday beautiful. Making celebrations fun and thematic...just because. Just because I can. And that felt completely validated. Hooray for beautiful things for beauties sake!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!
Royal Albert Museum Royal Albert MuseumRoyal Albert Museum
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  1. Dear Jordan, reading your blog really brings back memories of living in Edmonton in my childhood (we lived there on and off for a few years in the 80's and 90's). I now live in Slovenia, with children of my own (I guess similar age to yours), but seing pictures of your boy on his way to preschool really reminded me of my brother starting kindergarten when we moved there for the first time. I also remember spending many afternoons at this museum, being very impressed with their life-like exhibits of HUGE animals I have never before seen in Europe. I hope Edmonton starts to feel like home soon!

  2. The exhibits were so real it was a little unnerving looking at the moose and bison in the eye!
    So glad these stories are brining back such fun memories for you from when you lived here! It's amazing where life leads us, isn't' it? Thanks so much for saying hi! xo


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