Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have been so thankful to some people who have really blessed us in the first few weeks of arriving in Canada. I wanted to show them just a smidge of my appreciation. Not having all my usual arty supplies with me yet, I used what I had in my hand, which was a box of Lego and the basic craft supplies I jammed in my suitcase. I bought a roll of white textured wrapping paper from Michael's, and printed some printables to finish them off.
I love that they can be made in any size you like, and filled with anything!
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Crease the edges while the paper is still wrapped around the lego block. It will make it easier to fold the sides together and the bottom up.
I used a 1" punch to finish them off.
You could go with the Washi tape and use it for decorating too, however I had some printables on hand of a new design that will be in the shop soon. Voila!
You can then go ahead and make them in any size you like!
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  1. great tutorial - definitely have some lego around the place that i can use to make some of these. i love them!

  2. Thanks Emma! Lego is always lying just have to grab it before you step on it! :)

  3. Adorable bag!! I am new to your blog and am enjoying your beautiful images - so much inspiration!!
    I hope you're starting to feel more settled in Canada - I am from Canada (Toronto) and moved to the US 7 years ago. Moves are always hard, but also gloriously refreshing.

    Have a great day!

  4. Definitely starting to feel more settled, thanks Jessica! Glad you liked the bags too : )


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