Tuesday, March 27, 2012


by Ros Grace

I'm working on orders and my last wedding stationery suite for a customer at the moment, so sponsor,  Ros Grace from Grace Designs is here to share a DIY with you today...enjoy!
The old faithful coffee filters provide endless crafting opportunities and I love working with them!!  Here I have created two different pom pom looks, both using dip-dying with ink!
The top pom pom that looks like a carnation was dip dyed on the ends only using pure ink as below. Photobucket
This pom pom took twelve large filters.  Once they were dip-dyed and completely dried, I hot glued two flattened filters together to form the base.  I then pinched the remaining filters in at the middle to get the shape seen below.  I proceeded to glue five on either side of the base filling in the circle. Photobucket Photobucket
Half Pom Pom

The second pom pom was dyed twice using diluted ink both times but at different strength (more/less water).  I dyed the filters pale blue first time round then once they dried, I dip-dyed them a medium blue.  You can actually see three colours in the photo below but the white got lost when the pom pom was assembled.
I used a slightly different technique making this pom pom.  Still using twelve filters, I pinched each filter in the middle to form the shape but sewed them in bunches of two, then hot glued the pom pom together.  You can see it made a smaller ball but a rounder shape.
Photobucket Photobucket
Finally if you wanted to make patterns on your pom pom's I made these spots and stripes by dipping a straw into the diluted ink/water mix and drawing on the filter with the straw.  A dropper would have made much cleaner spots but I just used what I had on hand.  I think these patterned filters would make a great garland, pinched into a bell shape like my chandelier!!
Thanks for having me Jordan!


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