Thursday, March 22, 2012


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Easter is creeping up pretty fast. Easter is D-Day for us. We leave the known for the unknown and it's crunch time. I have too many un-finished projects at the moment taking up space both in the house and in my mind (can you relate?).

If you're planning an Easter get together of any kind, I just wanted to remind you of the Easter stationery I have available in my shop (8 pages of Easter printables!). These are perfect for your table decor, Easter gifts for school, friends & family or Easter egg hunt! And remember this Easter Centrepiece? It's almost time to start growing your wheat-grass.

Don't forget Friday is the last business day I'll have my store open to receive orders. It will give me a chance to get your orders out and projects finished before I have pack all my work stuff up.

P.S I haven't had time to re-shoot this collection with 2012, so before you ask, yes it does have the year updated!


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