Friday, April 9, 2010

Party Favour Friday :: Inspiration...with paper!

I love a little party favour. The ways of wrapping a box, tying a ribbon, and presenting a lolly are endless! Favours really are the classy version of the 'take home lolly bag' we all grew up. 
And the best part is...they don't have to blow your event budget! Most of us probably have a stash of scrapbooking or craft paper lying around, and maybe some ribbon, put them together and...voila!, personalised favours! Try these on for size...
Printed Bag - Put a paper bag through your home printer (note from experience - use the brown kraft ones or greaseproof lined white ones - otherwise...paper jam!!) Image source 
Bag of Treats - A cellophane bag never looked so good with this tag of stylish typography (image source)
Candy Cone - Sealed 'Candy Cone' made from a square of coloured paper
Image source
I might see how I go featuring some favour ideas on Fridays...just 'cause, 'Favour Friday' kinda rhymes and seems like a fun 'bloggy' thing to do!
I have my boutique market debut on Sunday (Boutique Markets, Portside Hamilton if you're in the neighbourhood) See you on the other side... 

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