Monday, August 9, 2010

Levi's Aeroplane Party Mood Board

Being a designer, I find it great to have some kind of visual when theming an event - images to help tie an idea together in my mind. That's where mood boards are great. Chris from Celebrations at Home & I are working on an event she is styling (can't wait to see it!). So, with Levi's party not far away, we have done a bit of a talent swap - printables for an inspiration/mood board. 
I have settled on having a plane party to match this Polkadot Prints design, and above is the mood board Chris has come up with for our little bash! Some great ideas eh?! Better get busy!

You can find out more about Chris' inspiration boards here. And while you're there, feast your eyes upon all her great party and celebration ideas & inspiration on her blog 

Image Sources via Celebrations at HomeNot Just A MommyCutest Little ThingsPuddin Pop DesignsNounces Designs, Amy Atlas


  1. Looks the plane shaped biscuits. Hope you have a lovely Tuesday. x

  2. Thanks, Jordan! So happy to be able to work with you! : )

  3. Thank you so much for including our party in your fab inspiration board! All those other parties served as my inspiration too!

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